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Become an Author of Change with a direct, tax-deductible donation.

The Authors of Change is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to end adult illiteracy in Utah County and break the cycle of illiteracy for generations to come.

“We’re looking for organizations, corporations, and other groups that want to support literacy in the community, and if you donate money, there’s good uses it’s put to. The Board of Trustees regularly reviews the financials statements and makes sure that money is being spent in an appropriate way to hire the people that we need to teach and to train and to develop curriculum. So if your organization would like to get involved by donating money to Project Read, I promise that it will go toward our goal of getting rid of illiteracy in Utah County.”- Clark Merkley
“In the last few years I’ve started donating financially to Project Read because it’s a small organization so I’ve seen how it runs; I’ve seen what a good job they do. I know the difference it can make, so I feel if I’m financially able to help further that cause so that they can change lives through literacy, I think that’s an important thing to do.”- Kate Holz
“Project Read is the largest literacy organization in Utah County that helps people who are learning how to read, learning how to cope with skills of everyday life. When people learn how to read, it advances their life and the life of their family in so many ways. The motto of Project Read is changing lives through literacy, and we believe not only does it change individual lives, it helps people advance in their job, it helps them earn additional pay, but it really helps them be more involved with their children and their education. So when corporations and other organizations can contribute their money to Project Read, it really does benefit the community as a whole.”- Clark Merkley
I love that Project Read works with individuals on a one on one basis. They take students where they are and see their unique needs and goals. The staff at Project Read help students make an actionable plan to improve their literacy and to apply their literacy skills to achieve their life goals. And the volunteers provide one on one attention to each student to help them have a resource for accountability and to celebrate their progress. I am proud that my organization can support Project Read in their attention to individuals, and I love seeing how my contribution is actually used to make a difference. Making a difference in one person's life at a time I think is the best way to change the world.- Rachel McDougal