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Help Change a Life Through Literacy

Thank you for your interest in supporting Project Read. In the past five years, we have served 498 students and impacted the lives of over 1,000 family members. Every contribution, big or small, enables us to continue providing literacy services for the estimated 28,000 functionally illiterate adults living in Utah County.
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Learn how you can become a Friend of Project Read, and how your monthly donation can help empower individuals, strengthen families, and build the community of Utah County.

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Partner Recognition

Project Read is grateful for our sponsoring partners’ support in building a stronger, more literate community. It is only through your continued support that we can keep fighting illiteracy in Utah county. Click below to see who these donors are!

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When you do business with companies like Smith’s, Amazon or H&R Block, they support our work with a portion of that revenue. See how you can help them Give Back to Project Read. Click below for more information.

Ways to Give Back

Throughout the year, you can help the cause by participating in tours and fundraisers and by sharing these opportunities with others

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“We’re looking for organizations, corporations, and other groups that want to support literacy in the community, and if you donate money, there’s good uses it’s put to. The Board of Trustees regularly reviews the financials statements and makes sure that money is being spent in an appropriate way to hire the people that we need to teach and to train and to develop curriculum. So if your organization would like to get involved by donating money to Project Read, I promise that it will go toward our goal of getting rid of illiteracy in Utah County.”- Clark Merkley
“In the last few years I’ve started donating financially to Project Read because it’s a small organization so I’ve seen how it runs; I’ve seen what a good job they do. I know the difference it can make, so I feel if I’m financially able to help further that cause so that they can change lives through literacy, I think that’s an important thing to do.”- Kate Holz
“Project Read is the largest literacy organization in Utah County that helps people who are learning how to read, learning how to cope with skills of everyday life. When people learn how to read, it advances their life and the life of their family in so many ways. The motto of Project Read is changing lives through literacy, and we believe not only does it change individual lives, it helps people advance in their job, it helps them earn additional pay, but it really helps them be more involved with their children and their education. So when corporations and other organizations can contribute their money to Project Read, it really does benefit the community as a whole.”- Clark Merkley
Project Read is a registered Utah charity in “good standing” and is incorporated as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation under the US Internal Revenue Service. Donations and contributions to Project Read are tax deductible.

Project Read sends a letter of acknowledgement for donations of $250 or more. For donations under $250, the IRS recognizes the donor’s cancelled check or credit card statement as proof of a charitable donation.

All online donations are acknowledged immediately with an email receipt for tax purposes.