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Friday Lunch & Learn

Project Read’s Friday Lunch & Learn

A workshop held every 3rd Friday of the month, dedicated to providing opportunities for Project Read students and tutors to come together and explore resources in their community, learn additional skills and get their questions answered.

Event sponsored and lunch provided by Little Caesars Pizza.


Angie Smart – Co-Founder / President of Elevated Worldwide

Angie Smart has spent nearly 12 years studying human behavior after she began to experience massive results in all areas of her life. Healing herself from debilitating back pain after almost a decade without the aid of doctors in 2006, to improvements in relationships, spiritual growth, money and surprising improvements in her self-image. Angie fell in love with her new life, as an autodidact, she wanted to continue to learn and sought training from some of the best in the world in mindfulness and thought industry. She has been personally trained by Bob Proctor, Paul Scheele and John Maxwell to name a few.

Angie teaches her clients emotional health and positive psychology with mindset training and specializes in self-knowledge and vibration through personal and business coaching. She enjoys working with clients educating them on how their programmed thinking is effecting their results while applying the content through a proven process to produce lasting change and better results in all aspects of their lives. Angie enjoys helping others to appreciate their true nature and coaches them as to how they can achieve quantum leaps. She has spoken internationally, coaches clients in many countries, and assists clients most through her speaking engagements, group coaching sessions for businesses and individuals, self-guided programs, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. She loves to see people reach their full potential by giving them the tools to empower and uplift them so they can climb to levels they had never believed were possible.

Angie is the mother of 4 amazing children. She loves to spend time with her family traveling and being out in nature. She can always be found studying good books and seeking more knowledge through the wonderful process that is Life.