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Will you be attending our May the Fourth fundraising breakfast?

Yes, I will be there!No, sadly, I can’t make it.
When people learn how to read, it advances their life and the life of their family in so many ways. The motto of Project Read is changing lives through literacy, and we believe not only does it change individual lives, it helps people advance in their job, it helps them earn additional pay, but it really helps them be more involved with their children and their education. So when corporations and other organizations can contribute their money to Project Read, it really does benefit the community as a whole.- Clark Merkley
I support Project Read because everyone deserves a chance to learn how to read.- A Former Tutor
I feel like I’m contributing something and it’s something I really enjoy. I like meeting new people and hearing what they’ve been through to arrive where they are at. Why do it? You will be so pleased and happy with yourself because you are contributing to people who need it.- Renata Swanson