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Student Spotlight


Our student of the month is BG! BG has been a student for 2 years now. Originally from Mongolia, from a rural town about 300 km outside of the capital city of Ulan Bator, BG just celebrated her birthday on the 23rd of September. Happy Birthday BG! She first heard about Project Read from her daughter who was also a Project Read student. Her goals include working on fluency and pronunciation with speaking, as well as reading, comprehension, and vocabulary with reading. One thing I learned about BG recently is that she was a veterinarian! That’s so cool! She’s attended many different English learning programs including Ensign College programs, but the reason she says she likes Project Read so much is the face-to-face time. Having a 1 on 1 tutor has helped her intensify her vocabulary and creates a sense of self-independence when viewing her education journey.  Because of her diligence and incredible achievement, she was chosen to help present at our yearly Spelling Bee in September! Her main hobby is traveling; she’s been to Thailand, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Russia and China multiple times. She’s incredibly kind and very fun to talk to. You can catch her at the Project Read office most everyday in the morning. You should get to know her!