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Student Spotlight


Our congratulations to Hansook, one of Project Read’s 2023 graduates. We asked her how her life is different now than before she started at Project Read and this is what she said:

“There is one good thing that I’ve started doing since I participated in Project Read. That’s what made me read a book every day.

When I felt like I was too lazy to read a book, I had to go to the library lab class, which the teacher prepared well to improve the people who took part in it. It encouraged me to keep reading.

And there was a conversation lab class that could give me a chance to be talkative in English. I often didn’t understand when the teacher and the volunteer talked. It gave me the motivation to read more.

I think I am a lucky person because I met my tutor, who was very awesome.

It has been a long time since I solved math problems. I was kind of scared of math before I met my tutor; however, I became a person who was able to ask about math formulas without shame.

He always answered my questions very kindly, even if they were silly.

I later ended up passing the math test in Project Read at the library. I think it is thanks to my tutor.

We summed up every verse of the book when we read it. It was a good way to keep track of the book.

I was able to learn lessons for a good life from my tutor as well. He was always positive, and he told me good stories.

I am so happy that I’ve met the qualifications for graduation and that Project Read helped me form a habit of reading.

Still, studying English is kind of a struggle for me. I won’t give up studying English!

Thank you for all the programs offered by Project Read at the library.”