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Student Spotlight

Sam Faulconer

Meet Sam! It’s been about a year since we started teaching our Digital Literacy Labs and we wanted you all to meet our instructor. Computers and technology have always come easy to Sam. He loves building PCs and servers, and picking up new software skills. But the reason Sam loves this job so much is that it combines his interest in computers with his passion for giving back to the community. Sam just recently graduated from BYU in Sociology where he focused on family research. He is a natural teacher and very patient with his students. Learning computers can be hard! Our students are incredibly grateful and I hear them sing his praises every class. Our students are learning that no matter how hard the concept is, they can master it through practice and learning together. Now that Sam’s graduated, he is looking into options for the future. Grad school is a potential, he has always wanted to be a professor and teach at a University. But he’s keeping his options open. He says he really wants to work in the community. His hobbies include cycling and video gaming, and of course, anything with computers. We love having you Sam!