2023’s Writing Contest!

The future is now.

Artificial Intelligence is no longer science fiction. We use AI to solve problems in our daily lives – to find the fastest way between home and work, to read web pages written in other languages, to compare pricing on items we would like to buy, to find the information we need, and for many other purposes. I even used it to write and edit this description! The popularity of AI is recognized for making things so much easier and less time-consuming. This, however, comes with a price. AI has the potential to pose major ethical, social, and legal challenges and threats to our society. Let’s explore the future and how this technology can and will affect our lives.

Entries are due by midnight June 2, 2023.

Congratulations to the 2022 Writing Contest winners!

“To Live Would be an Awfully Big Adventure”

First Place: “Our Adventures in Iceland” by Carolina Martinean
Second Place: “What I Learned From COVID” by Nereyda Valdovinos
Third Place: “Adventure From My Childhood” by Dechan Nith