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It’s easy to become a Project Read volunteer tutor!


  • Tutors meet one-on-one with a student for a total of three hours weekly.
  • All new Project Read tutors are required to attend a 45-minute orientation prior to being paired.
  • Six month tutoring commitment preferred.

If you would like more information about being a tutor, please fill out and send the form below.

It’s that easy!

$20 refundable book fee required.

Become a Volunteer

We always welcome new Volunteers! Please fill in the form below.

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports help Project Read keep in touch with its tutors and students. The hours are reported to the Utah State Office of Education, and staff uses the goals and accomplishments to help tutors and students succeed. These reports help guide us as we determine what materials to offer in our monthly newsletters, and to provide resources to help tutors and students. Reports also allow us to address individual concerns through email or by phone.

Turning in the Report
The Utah State Office of Education requires that tutors have students initial each time they meet. As such, we do not currently have an online reporting option. To submit a monthly report:

1. Tutors may choose to turn in the report by hand at the Project Read office.
2. Tutors may take a picture of the report and email ([email protected]) or text (801-448-READ) it to the Project Read staff.
3. Tutors may scan or fax the report to the Project Read office (fax: 801-852-7663).
4. Tutor may send the report in via “snail mail.”

Email or text report to: