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Hours are tracked daily and should be submitted for each individual tutoring session.

Submissions are accepted no later than the 5th of the each month (for the previous month).

Please be sure to include achievements, successes, and goals as often as possible in your session notes. This helps us in reporting to our donors and funders. Thank you!

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Tutor Certification Program:

New and existing tutors can now participate in our certification program. Every six months existing tutors will recertify to grow current skills and leave better equipped to tutor and mentor each student. And if that isn’t compelling enough, certified tutors will be entered in a

Certified tutors will be entered in a semi-annual drawing for Amazon gift cards. Huzzah!

To certify every six months, you must

  • Attend at least two hours of literacy training. Training is flexible! You could teach and attend a Literacy Lab, participate in a Project Read training or workshop (see the Calendar for dates and times), or take advantage of some of the great online offerings available (create a FREE account with ProLiteracy, check out trainings available through LINCS, or take an adult literacy training offered by TEAL, just to name a few).
  • Submit one lesson plan for review to the Project Read literacy specialist.
  • Turn in at least 85% (five out of six) of your monthly reports on time (by the 5th of each month).

To qualify for the first tutor certification drawing, you must complete the recertification requirements by December 2017 and report your training hours on the new monthly report form. Good luck! Burgeoning tutor greatness inevitably awaits (and possibly some free online shopping).

If you will be attending a non-Project Read class or training you think should count towards the two-hour training requirement, please contact the Project Read staff directly at [email protected]; 801-448-READ (7323). Also, feel free to contact Project Read if you have any questions or concerns about the Tutor Certification Program. We are happy to help, and we appreciate all that you do!