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40-Day Reading Challenge

February 14 - March 25th, 2024 

2024 marks the 40th year of Project Read. Use the Book Generator below and join us in a 40-day reading challenge that will culminate at our 40th Anniversary Celebration on March 25 at 10 AM. Join our Goodread's Group and track your progress with other participants. 

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Book Generator 

Pick your birth month along with the first letter of your first name to find what book you should read!

Jan. YA Fiction

Feb. Drama

Mar. Classic

Apr. Humor

May Western Fiction

Jun. Mystery

Jul. Thriller

Aug. Historical Fiction

Sep. Romance

Oct. Science Fiction

Nov. Fantasy

Dec. Nonfiction

A. Has a number in the title

B. Is written in first person

C. Is about a family

D. Was published in 2023

E. With a main character older than 40 years

F. Is on a celebrity reading list

G. With a title that begins with a P

H. Has a female lead

I. Was published 40 years ago (1984)

J. Has a love triangle

K. Is becoming/is a series or movie

L. By a BIPOC author

M. Was published in the year you were born

N. Is part of a series

O. Has a one word title

P. Is on the NYT Bestsellers list

Q. Has a color in the title

R. Has a LGBTQ+ storyline

S. Has "Man" in the title

T. Has just text on the cover

U. Has a song lyric as the title

V. By an author with your name

W. Has a blue cover

X. Has a pet character

Y. Has "Girl" in the title

Z. Is a banned book